Kit 4 pezzi

€ 438,00*


Il set è realizzato con un mix di legni di betulla e pioppo, cassa 20"x12", un tom da 12" ed un timpano da 14"x14". Il rullante misura 14x5".


Le Dr. Beat sono delle batterie dal rapporto qualità/prezzo davvero interessante.
"Over the years Dr. Beat has become a place where a drummer can designe the kit of his dreams. Every drum is signed, our signature inside each Dr. Beat drum assure our high standard of quality and the name of the drummer assures the exclusive design. We use only the best materials available for the sound quality and the handmade job is immortalized over time thanks to a photo book. Dr. beat drum kit is unique, an emotion that goes beyond the sound. Are you happy? This is our goal."


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